This is a list of blogs and after action reports (AARs), richly supplied with photos, on the Herero War. 

NOMADIC OLD SCHOOL GAMER:  An excellent AAR, with photos, from a player in a game I ran at Historicon 2012 - "Klein Barmen: Rosenberg's Desperate Charge"

DADDY'S LITTLE MEN:  Two excellent AAR's, with photos, from a player in two of the three games I ran at Historicon 2013 - 

"Ordeal at Otjiwarango!"  and  "Otjosongombe: Leave no Man Behind!"

DANTE'S GAME:  An excellent set of photos and AAR from a player in a game I ran at Fall In! 2014 - "Last Stand at Hamakari"

CORNFLOWER BLUE & CORDUROY: WARGAMING THE GERMAN-HERERO WAR OF 1904      A superb blog on the Herero War by Tim Abbott, who spent nearly four years in Namibia in the 1990's and who has visited some of the battle sites. A discussion of figures, uniforms, historical events and personalities with excellent photographs. Tim uses the secondary sources for the history, and those sources sometimes miss details of the combat. Despite that, 99% of the history on his site is what I would have written myself.


An excellent blog by Darryl Smith. His focus is on gaming the Herero War in German South-West Africa using Old Glory 15mm figures. The figures were recommended and confirmed by me during discussions with Darryl, so that the figures would be a very close match to the historical record. Darryl has created figure lists, compiled a German colonial bibliography, located free downloadable rules, and put some history on the blog as well - including history on German East Africa.

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