COLD WARS 2010 - Assault at Liewenberg: The Main Line, Feb. 16, 1904

(NOTE: In a previous update, the photos and text for this page became corrupted. They have now been restored.)

These photos are from a game that I ran at the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (HMGS) Cold Wars Convention on March 13, 2010. The actual battle took place on February 16, 1904, near Liewenberg in the hills overlooking the Swakop River. 

The Herero defenders had transformed natural rock groupings into what the Germans described as "einer fast uneinnehmbaren Verteidigungsstellung", i.e., an almost impregnable defensive position. The Hereros were also using smokeless powder, which allowed them to remain unseen. 

The Germans attempted to use direct force against Herero tactical skill. Needless to say, in the actual battle the German assault initially did not go well. But in the end, the German used maneuver to force the Herero troops out of their position.

In the Cold Wars game, the players were deeply engaged. Both sides played well, with good tactical skill and intelligent plans.  Because both sides' plans were well conceived and well executed, the game came down to the last die roll. The Hereros failed a crucial morale check, and the Germans won. It was a balanced game and fun for both sides.

I'd like to thank Nancy Ott, one of the German players in the game, for taking the photos and providing them to me. 

The Germans launch frontal and flank attacks
German frontal assault against the Main Line
German flank assault against the Main Line
Closing with the Hereros (1)
Closing with the Hereros (2)
The Hereros stand! A fight in the rocks!
Barren terrain: This land was made for war

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