Fall In! 2007: The Battle of Owiumbo, April 13, 1904

These photos are from a game that Eric Alvarado (my co-author on the scenario book) and I ran at the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (HMGS) Fall In! Convention on November 10, 2007. The actual battle took place in April of 1904 at the dried-out bed of the Owiumbo River. I had already run several scenarios at previous HMGS conventions, but this was the first one to benefit from my having access to primary German-language sources. In the actual battle at Owiumbo, the Hereros (concealed in the thick thorn bushes) pinned down the Germans with rapid rifle fire for ten hours and almost encircled them. The Germans retreated during the night - exhausted, dehydrated, and almost out of ammunition. 


Captions describing the photos will be added soon. 


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