NEW!!! PHOTOS AND AFTER ACTION REPORT:                           OSONA - ARMORED TRAIN vs HERERO RIFLES             (German South-West Africa, 1904)


At "COLD WARS 2016" in March I ran a new Herero scenario by Tim Abbott, that was derived from "The Herero War" scenario & rules book that I co-wrote with Eric Alvarado. Tim based his scenario on an early skirmish that took place at Osona on January 13, 1904 - just one day after the Herero War began.

The historical battle included a German armored train, with soldiers and a machine gun, sabotaged tracks, derailed cars, and Herero rifle fire peppering the Germans as they tried to repair the damage - plus mounted Hereros! All these features are included in Tim's exciting, well-researched historical scenario. 

I used an On30 electric train and track for the scenario. I'll be running Tim's Osona armored train scenario again at HISTORICON 2016 in July. At HISTORICON I'll have access to an electrical outlet - to which I did not have access at COLD WARS. This means that the On30 German train will move along the tracks - including across the railway bridge - under its own power! No pushing will be required.

Below you'll find an AAR from the Osona COLD WARS game, with photos and captions. For details about the upcoming HISTORICON game, including a link to Tim Abbott's detailed discussion of the actual battle at Osona, go to: 

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